Non-Profit Recruiting

Non-profits benefit from focus groups by collecting opinions, attitudes, and beliefs related to the mission of their organization. There is often a mismatch between the goals of the helpers and the needs of those receiving help. Focus groups can help bridge that gap. Organizations with non-profit status can also use focus groups to spread awareness and encourage discussion about a specific topic.

Focus group discussions have helped non-profits gain valuable insights into the following topics:

  • HIV awareness and prevention
  • Pregnancy and Family Planning
  • LGBTQ awareness
  • Services for troubled youth
  • Public education
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation
  • And more

 Some of the groups that non-profits seek to connect with don’t always have easy access to technology and could be difficult to reach. District Perspectives uses grassroots recruiting efforts to make sure we bring you the participants who are most effected by the issues of interest to your organization.

We offer a discount on facility and recruiting costs for organizations with non-profit status.  Contact us to learn more.

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